A company born to carry out customs procedures necessary for import-export, it has become one of the leading companies in this field nowadays as it has been operating in national and international transport by sea, air and land for several years. We are entering a period of rapid growth and we boast of our offices which are located in the main ports in the area of central Italy.

On the one hand, many customs agents have become valued members of our staff, on the other the director and owner of the company Danilo Manto’s leads the competence of other operators with his intuition and determination. These competent operators provide a continuous assistance and operational presence working in close contact with the authorities involved in the customs clearance procedures that can be both customs and sanitary or other competence, thus they provide a highly qualified service to each customer.

«The competitiveness of the instalments together with an excellent customer service represent the key to success for our company […]. Although the main business consists of carrying out customs formalities, they also can rely on our support as regard the delivery of goods, services in the ports and warehousing […]. The company is also highly computerised using the most up-to-date software in the sector and we are constantly updated […]. I have been trying to give a Customer Oriented approach to my company as well as my team. Customer requirements above all things.»

Dr. Danilo Manto
Sole Administrator

Firstly, our customs agents have a detailed knowledge of customs policies of several countries, secondly, are experts in the management of customs set of forms and thirdly, they are able to guarantee the admission of every type of shipment in any countries without any problem or difficulty. Our comprehensive customs and commercial assistance provides various services:


  • 100% CUSTOMS
    Import/export customs operations
    Assistance to the issuance of an ITV and IVO.
    Regulations on specific traffic: weapons – works of art – dangerous goods – illegal trade – imitations – forgeries – security marks – violations protected species – free competition.
    Asseveration of customs documents
    Requirements for products subject to excise duties
    Customs manifests for the arrival and departure of ships
    Ships assistance
    Assistance during the Triangular and Quadrangular operations


  • Services:
    Sale of used maritime containers
    International transports by sea, land and air
    LCL Transports (Groupage) and FCL or LCL/FCL
    Random transportation (break-bull ships)
    Rental of ships and maritime brokerage
    Goods insurance
    Packaging, management and disposal of goods
    Assistance during the shipboard or disembarkation of currency


  • Tax System /Commerce:
    INTRASTAT requirements
    VAT compliance
    Intra-community tax obligations
    Tax implications in the various countries with consequent commercial strategies
    Technical assistance to help you with the Tax Commissions
    Product consulting
    International Trade
    Documentation relating to the International trade
    Assistance for the International billing
    Assistance in Tax Representation


    VETERINARY Certificate assistance
    PHYTOSANITORY Certificate assistance
    RADIOMETRIC controls assistance
    EUR 1 certification releases
    FORM A certification releases
    ATR and carnet ATA certification releases
    Assistance in the issue of AGRIM certificates
    Assistance in the issue of AGREX certificates
    Insurance stipulation for opening C /DEBT IN CUSTOMS
    Insurance stipulation for VAT STORAGE
    Assistance in VAT STORAGE
    FDA enrolment
    Assistance in obtaining AEO authorisation (clickable – link to the AEO page)
    ECTN certified issue (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note)
    IC issue – Inspection Certificate
    Assistance in COC issue (Certificates of conformity)
    ISF assistance and transmission (importer security filling), otherwise said ”10+2)
    Assistance in BSC issue (Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons)