New features and simplification for the Single Authorization Model (SAM)

New features and simplification for the Single Authorization Model (SAM)

The Customs Agency, in note n. 203452 dated January 14, 2020, announces its pursuit of the simplification path already undertaken with the new features of the Single Authorization Model (SAM), made public in note n. 129980/ru of October 1st.

The “My Profile” section of the Customs Agency Portal is modified to make it simpler and more user-friendly for external operators/users. Below are the new features that will be available starting from January 16, 2020.

  1. Appointment of the manager: simplified insertion methods.
  2. Graphic revision of the manager appointment printout.
  3. Changes and additions in “My Profile”:

– insertion of news, tutorials, notes, and reference circulars, link to the request for new authorizations;

– introduction of hierarchical visualization in “Request Authorizations”;

– renaming of the “Requested Authorizations” tab to “My authorizations”, where authorization delegations can also be made;

– reorganization of the “Delegated Authorizations” tab, now more accessible for consultation;

  1. Introduction of a simplified procedure for citizens and companies to request authorization, accessible directly from “My Desk”.

All instructions are available in the section of the institutional portal dedicated to online assistance for external users and Customs Agency personnel.